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Microchipping: What Is It?

“Every two seconds, a family pet is lost.”

Woman with her dogA microchip contains basically a barcode unique to your pet. It is very similar to the barcodes seen in the grocery store. The chip is injected between the shoulder blades, beneath the skin of the pet. Most shelters, animal control officers, and veterinarians now have scanners so that if your pet is lost or stolen, ownership can be verified by scanning your pet. This is a very simple way of making sure your pet is returned to its loving home.

Why a microchip?

Abby editMicrochips are there forever. Collars can get lost or pets can slip out of them. Tattoos can fade or become distorted when the pet grows. If your pet is stolen and there is a disagreement about ownership, the microchip allows you to verify your ownership of the animal because it is registered with your veterinarian and the microchip company. No matter what your pet does, the microchip will stay with him or her forever.