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Pet Emergencies

This list is from the Columbus Emergency Veterinary Service.

If it is after office hours, and your pet is in an emergency situation and our doctors cannot be reached, here are options:

OSU College of Veterinary Medicine  –  614-292-3551 just off Lane Ave.

MedVet/Columbus Vet Emerg Service  – 614-846-5800 on E. Wilson Bridge Rd.  

Contact your veterinarian or the emergency vet on call if your pet has any of the following:

Difficulty breathing: Noisy breathing, blue tongue, gasping for breath.

Bleeding that does not stop: From any part of the body; apply pressure with a clean cloth, then go!

Bloated or distended abdomen: Swollen or painful abdomen, with or without vomiting.

Inability to urinate or move bowels: But continues to try, is bloody, or is painful.

Heatstroke: Heavy panting, extreme weakness, body temperature above 104°F.

Inability to deliver kittens or puppies: Has labor contractions for more than 2 hours or more than 15 minutes of labor with fetus or membranes protruding.

Loss of balance, loss of consciousness, or seizure: Includes tremors, coma, staggering, convulsions, sudden blindness, fainting, tilting of the head, biting at imaginary objects, and sudden changes of disposition, such as unusual withdrawal or out-of-character aggressiveness.

Pain: Severe or continuous.

Major trauma, injury, or shock: If your pet has fallen, been hit by a car, suffered wounds, cuts, or broken bones from an unseen accident, shows signs of weakness, collapse, shallow breathing, rapid heartbeat, bewildered appearance or dilated pupils.

Poisoning: If you believe the pet has either eaten or come in contact with a poison, remember to bring in the container, if you have it, or the commercial name, the chemical name, or the list of ingredients.

Penetrating wounds: Any place, but especially penetration of the chest or abdomen.

Vomiting and/or diarrhea: With blood, continuous and/or violent episodes.

Lameness: Will not bear weight on leg.

ANY SIGNS THAT LOOK SERIOUS: Such as any eye problems, severe itching with self-mutilation, or severe hives.