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Owner education is our goal.

Educating owners about caring for their pets is one of our most important goals. In this section, we’ve assembled various articles that help explain many of the more common questions that come up. As always, please feel free to ask one of our doctors or staff if you want to know more or if there’s something we haven’t explained here.

A List of Our Services

Adoption Application 
Thinking of adding to your family?

Rescue Organizations 

What is the best pet for you? 
Here’s a guide for picking the best pet for you.

Congratulations on your new pet!
Here’s what to expect on a visit to the doctor.

The Basics About Rabbits 
Your new bunny

What vaccinations does my dog need? 
What are the different types of vaccinations, and how are they important? Find out here.

What vaccinations does my cat need? 
Here’s an explanation of vaccinations for your cat.

The threat is out there.

What is the difference?

Comfortis Flea Preventative 
Flea preventative now comes in a pill form!

Heartworm Disease
Heartworm poses a danger to your pet. Find out more.

Alternative Heartworm Prevention

Don’t let fleas be a problem for your pet!
It’s 3 A.M. in the morning. You are awakened by a loud jangle of metal. It stops….There it goes again!….Ghosts?…Poltergeists?…NO!…It’s just Rover, lying next to your bed hosting a flea convention!

Alternative to tomato juice

When your pet has unwanted friends.

Why spay or neuter your pet?
Increasing your pet’s chance at a healthier, happier life!

Animal Overpopulation 
If you really love animals, please read this!

Pre-Surgery Guidelines 
The following are the procedures that should be followed to ensure your pet’s safety the day before and the day of surgery.

Surgery Form 
This is the form you will see when you bring in your pet for surgery.

Why Should I Do Pre-Surgical Bloodwork? 
Here are some of the reasons to consider pre-surgical bloodwork.

HomeAgain® Microchip 
Things you need to know about your pet’s new microchip.

What is microchipping? 
A microchip contains a bar code unique to your pet. It is very similar to the bar codes seen in the grocery store. The chip is injected between the shoulder blades, beneath the skin of the pet.

Blood Profile 
This is a guide to help you understand your pet’s test results.

Complete Blood Count (CBC) 
This is a guide to help you understand your pet’s test results.

Emergencies that require immediate attention.

Lost Pet
What to do if you have lost your best friend.

Airline Travel Requirements 
Here’s a list of airline travel requirements for your pets.

Important Phone Numbers 
Local Phone Numbers

Routine dental care is important. 
Why? Your pets will live a longer, healthier life. Find out why.

What to look for in older dogs. 
Is your small dog over 8 years old, or your large dog over 5 years old? Look here!

What to look for in older cats.
Have a senior citizen? Help them live longer!

Your pet’s weight affects its health.
Your animal’s health status depends on its body weight. The old saying that one human year is equal to seven dog years is inaccurate.

Dogs Are Pack Animals
By Suzi

Making That Difficult Decision