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What kind of a practice are you?

We are a small animal practice that treats dogs, cats, and pocket pets.

Do you have emergency care?

The doctors are on-call for our clients; however, they may not always be reachable as they are very involved with their family and community. The doctor on call has their phone number on our answering machine, so a call can be made to them. If they are unavailable,  the emergency facilities at Ohio State’s veterinary hospital, MedVet or Diley RD. have 24/7 emergency services.

OSU College of Veterinary Medicine  –  614-292-3551 just off Lane Ave. MedVet/Columbus Vet Emerg Service  –  614-846-5800   on E. Wilson Bridge Rd.

Do you carry prescription foods?

We carry some of the Hills Science Diet® prescription foods, and we have a few of the Eukanuba®, IVD®, a few Royal Canin® diets and CNM® (Purina®) diets. With space limitations we do not have large quantities on hand. Please call to check if a particular item is in stock. We can also order any of these diets for our clients if we do not have it in stock.

Can anyone buy these diets?

You must have a prescription from your veterinarian or have been seen by one of our doctors. Feeding any of these diets without recommendation from a doctor might be inappropriate and potentially cause health problems.

Do I need to have an appointment for my pet?

Yes, a set time allows us to plan and schedule the day appropriately and better serve our patients more effectively and efficiently.

(During the current Covid-19 pandemic will not be doing elective surgery for rabbits.)

Yes! Dr. Schwab has been spaying and neutering rabbits for about 15 years now and enjoys working with them. We do require an exam before surgery, to evaluate their health and because many rabbits are not sexed correctly.

Do you see birds?

No, there are several veterinarians in the area that see birds. We’d suggest you do a Google, Yahoo or Bing search for one that may be close to you.

I have a lizard. Can you see it?

As much as we would like to treat reptiles and amphibians, our hospital, unfortunately, is not set up for treating herps. If you need some information regarding herps (particularly iguanas and turtles), we can answer basic questions and refer you to a veterinarian who we feel would be best to help you. The veterinarians we recommend for this are:

Animal Care Unlimited Inc.
2665 Billingsley Rd.
Columbus, Oh 43235

Norton Road Vet Hospital
1111 Norton Rd.
Galloway, Oh 43119

Whom do I call about wildlife?

If you have questions about wildlife, try the website or call 793-WILD for answers.

Do you carry heartworm prevention?

We carry Heartgard, Revolution/Selarid, and Proheart®, but to receive it your pet must have been checked for heartworm within a year.

Does my pet have to have an exam with its vaccinations?

Yes. We require an exam with vaccines, because it gives us an opportunity to see your pet once a year, just like a human doctor. At the yearly exam, we sometimes find abnormalities that the owner has not noticed.

Do you fill prescriptions?

Yes, we do, but for our clients only. We also require a yearly exam to fill regular prescriptions, just to make sure the pet is continuing to do well on the medication.

Can I have my new client/pet pre-surgical exam the same day as the surgery?

We require that we meet your pet at least a couple of days before its surgery appointment to make sure your pet is healthy enough for surgery.

Do you do ear crops?

No, this not a necessary procedure. It is only done for cosmetic reasons. There are very few breeds anymore that require this for show. The best source for finding a veterinarian who does them is your breeder.

My dog/cat has worms, and we gave the medicine, but the worms are back again. Why?

There are many types of intestinal parasites (worms) that can affect dogs and cats. Their life cycles can be quite varied and because they can be picked up at different times (re-infected), may be in different stages of development. The de-wormers work at specific stages of the life cycle. As a result, it is often necessary that the medicine may need to be repeated several times to take care of all the worms.

I am bringing in my pet for its yearly physical exam. Do I need to bring in a fecal sample?

It is good to bring in a fecal sample yearly. This is especially wise for all dogs and those cats who venture outside. There are many ways for dogs and cats to pick up internal parasites (worms) when outside, even in your own backyard. Other animals that pass through, many times sight unseen, can leave infectious eggs or larva behind for the unsuspecting to pick up at a later time.

Can you recommend any healthy treats for my dog?

Carrots, ice cubes, low-sodium green beans, and rice cakes can all be healthy and low-calorie alternatives to store-bought treats. You can also make your own treats!

My indoor pet has fleas! How is that possible?

Fleas ride along on many carriers and so can find there way into many places. Guests or even yourself can be unknowing transient carriers. If you go any place that might have fleas, you could bring them home with you. Homes or apartments with a ground floor have other potential access points.

Only one of my pets seems to be affected by fleas. Should I treat just that one?

If one pet has fleas, it is most likely all have fleas. Some pets are allergic or just more reactive to flea bites, and therefore scratch more. Many cats seem to be less itchy so they may seem not to have them, but all pets sharing the same environment must be treated if one is going to be successful eliminating fleas.

Do you take payments?

All fees are expected to be paid at the time of service. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and offer CareCredit. Under extenuating circumstances, long term clients may be allowed to set up a Payment Agreement with regular payments.