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family at homeProheart®6(moxidectin) is an injectable heartworm preventative given once every 6-months.  Some may remember, it was on the market in the United States for a few years, and then it was voluntarily pulled off the market by the manufacturer, Fort Dodge. There were concerns about reactions to the drug. Proheart 6 was never pulled in any of the other countries that use it. Over a 4 years period, Fort Dodge did significant testing to make sure it was safe. Proheart 6 has been being used again since 2008. It is now under the pharmaceutical company Zoetis a division of Pfizer. Their recommendations are; before treating a dog with ProHeart 6, the attending veterinarian will evaluate the dog’s health and candidacy for ProHeart 6, inform the owner of the benefits and risks of using ProHeart 6, and advise the owner of signs of allergic reactions. While adverse reactions are rare, owners are instructed to observe their dogs and report signs of reaction to their veterinarian immediately.

We have been using Proheart 6 again since its reintroduction. Over the years now, we have had very few reactions, less than with vaccinations. We consider it safe and very effective. At this time, we recommend Proheart 6 for owners who have a hard time remembering the monthly med or have pets that will not take or tolerate it. If your dog takes the pill every month, great!  If not, Proheart6 may be the answer for you.